Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Not Quite as Last Minute as Last Night...

        Sigh.  I think I don't have to develop a blog habit.  I have to develop a time management habit.

     I have nothing to write about.  Work was really good today.  I got to hang in the hot tub.  Grilled burgers for dinner.  The whole family went to watch fireworks.  I bought a pair of cowboy boots.  (Cross it off the Summer of Awesomeness To Do list!)

     Overall, a very satisfying day.  And for tomorrow's holiday, there are many options:  Cape Cod, Cool Cousins, Block Island, Boston...  Well, whatever adventure we decide upon, I'd best head to bed and get to sleep.  I'm going to need the rest.

    Sorry for the lame post.  Hopefully, I'll do better tomorrow.


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