Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's Silly, I Know, but I Put it on The List

   For years now, I have wanted a pair of cowboy boots.  For no real reason, just because I like them. It is NOT some Taylor Swift thing.  No, I don't country line dance.   I don't have a barn.  I haven't ridden a horse in three years.  I just have a little girl's affinity for cowboy boots.  I know it's silly.  I've been accused of worse things.

     So, when the Official Summer of Awesomeness To Do List was being drafted, I put "buy cowboy boots" on it.  Two weeks ago, Thing 1 came to visit me, sporting brand new boat shoes.  They were adorable.  We talked about our affection for cute footwear.  And that's when I said, "I'm doing it!"  I took out my laptop and my daughter and I found me a pair of cowboy boots.  They are flippin' adorable.

     Of course, because it's me, there was a wee bit of drama.  Apparently, the online store I used does not confirm your delivery address, only your billing address.  Unfortunately, the last delivery address I used was my for my Personal Chef's parents' place--I sent my mother-in-law flowers on Mother's Day.  So, the boots went to Maine instead of here.  That's okay.  One of my in-laws' favorite things to do is go to their small town post office and ship packages to their relatives.

     Friday morning, while I was drinking my morning coffee, my postman dropped a box on my stoop.  I am now the proud owner of a pair of very girlie, leather tooled cowboy boots.

     I wore them all day with yoga pants and a tie dye while I prepped for our friends' wedding.  Because I really am that ridiculous.  Sunday night, I wore them with a sundress when my Favorite House Guest took my Personal Chef and I out to dinner. It was then that I discovered something about my Personal Chef that I did not know in our 25 years together--he has a thing for cowgirls. Who knew?

     So, there's another thing to cross of the OSA To Do List!


  1. Those boots are awesome. Now I need to find a reason to justify the pair I've always wanted.

  2. Stephanie, just go for it! A girl needs reliable footwear, right? And philosophically, we women really need to stop denying ourselves things that bring us joy. They're boots for crying out loud, not a sloop or something.

    Hey! How are you doing on YOUR Summer of Awesomeness?

    1. Yes, yes a girl does. I may have to start searching for boots!

      I had the Spring/Summer of Get My Old House Ready To Sell. Now I'm in the Summer of Please, Please Buy My House! Mostly, I'm hanging out with my kids (7 & 5) and soaking it all in before I'm too embarrassing to hang out with.

    2. Stephanie, sounds like you have your hands full! Don't worry too much about the kids, though. They might get too cool for their mama for a bit, but they come back. Mine did, anyhow. It's an awesome thing to get to know my daughter as an adult. She's smart (super smart), wickedly funny, and a lot of fun. My son, of course, is more challenging, given the rough patch he's hit, but we share a love of music and a twisted sense of humor. When it's good, it's wonderful.

  3. Yup, totally awesome boots, married to a little kid cowboy approved! :) Now all you need is a leather fringed long flapped coat and a Stetson. : yup, ride im cowgirl. :)