Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just in the Nick of Time

    A random list of things that I pulled off just in the nick of time--like this blog post:

  • This week's newspaper column.  I came RIGHT up to the deadline. 
  • My remarks for last Wednesday's Rotary banquet.  I finished them at my office 45 minutes before the event.  (I'm sensing a theme.)
  • The Oasis of Awesomeness furnishings.  I was still moving stuff in place.  Andy was screwing in towel hooks just as our first guests were arriving.
  • The biggest grant I ever wrote.  It was a federal grant worth millions of dollars that got submitted SECONDS before the official cut-off.  Thank you kind tech support lady in Virginia!
  • All the loose ends at work before delivering Jack.  Andy was driving me to the hospital and I was on the phone with my secretary with last-minute business.
  • Getting married.  I was an HOUR late for my own wedding.  I arrived just before creating a family scandal.

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