Sunday, April 19, 2015

Catching the Small Joys--a weekly round up

Even the worst days have moments of joy.  They do. I promise you they do.  Here are some of the joys that blessed my socks off this week:

  • Having a preschooler announce to the entire class on Monday that it was my birthday*, then having the entire group scramble to make pretend birthday cake and gifts.  I am now the proud owner of multiple pretend hammers, a new baby doll, and a Thomas the Tank Engine. I was really hoping for a Percy, but I can't complain.  This impromptu birthday party rocked!    *My birthday is actually in December. 
  • Spending a delightful hour or so wandering through a couple of my local garden shops.

  • Spending two self-indulgent afternoons engaged in some serious dirt therapy.  My window boxes are now filled with cheerful pansies, my perennial beds are cleaned out.  The potted tulips and daffodils from Easter are transplanted into the yard. I got my morning glories and cutting flower seeds planted.  

  • Discovering these little daisy cousins--bellis.  Don't you think that they look like the flowers from Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who ?  I simply had to have them in my perennial bed.

  • Sending the Evil Genius off on his 8th grade class trip to Washington, DC.
  • Spending a morning shopping for baby shower presents with Thing 1.  I do not spend nearly enough time with my firstborn.  
  • Adventuring with My Personal Chef on a Progressive Supper Date Night.  Three restaurants in three different cities in one night.  So. Much. Fun. 

What filled your hearts this week, my beloveds?

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