Sunday, April 12, 2015

Catching the Small Joys--a weekly round up

Even the worst days have moments of joy.  They do. I promise you they do.  Here are some of the joys that blessed my socks off this week:

  • Spending a morning with some of the best minds and biggest hearts in early childhood care & education.  Whenever I spent time with these folks, I always leave feeling inspired and encouraged.
  • Sitting on the screen porch watching the first Red Sox games of the season.  Especially delightful is the fact that the Sox are already up 2 games to nothin' over the Yankees. 

Photo courtesy of

  • Joining my sisterfriends and the Men & Boys Who Love Them in a high school auditorium, because one of our sons was the lead in the school musical.

  • Getting in a good walk along the shore, taking a break to listen to the changing tide and clanging sailboat rigging, returning just ahead of a rainstorm.
photo courtesy of Goddard State Park

  • Being a substitute kindergarten teacher for a day.  Having one of the little boys spontaneously wrap his arms around me and exclaiming, "I love you, Mrs. A.!"
  • Letting a fifth grade class have a dance off as a reward for getting across the school with a minimum of noise. You haven't lived until you've had to judge between hip hop, Irish step, Ring Around the Rosie, and whatever the heck THAT move those boys were bustin'.
  • Going with Thing 1 to our favorite hairdresser/cousin for a visit and a 'do adjustment.

  • Celebrating the awesomeness that is having the Providence College Friars Hockey Team win their first ever NCAA hockey national championship!  I'm giddy over this because one of my Other Favorite Cousins is the athletic trainer for team, because the game was fantastically exciting from the first period to the final seconds, and because the Friars were the underdogs when they came up against undefeated Boston University. (That's right, it was two local teams facing off for the national championships at the TD Boston Garden. It. Was. Electrifying.)

photo courtesy of the Boston Globe

  • Celebrating my brother's 45th birthday with my FabFam.

  • Hearing the peepers in full chorus.  It's my favorite harbinger of spring.

What joys did you catch this week my beloveds?

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