Sunday, April 26, 2015

Catching the Small Joys--Bigger Than Expected Joys Edition

What. A. Week.  My heart overflows. Like any week, there have been difficult moments and joyful moments.  A few of those joyful bits left me gobsmacked:

  • Thanks to the wonders of technology, I got to hear my Personal Chef putting his best foot forward in a presentation. Not that I doubted it, but he was absolutely fantastic. To see him so excited about a professional opportunity is pretty incredible, too. 

  • I got connected to Girl Noticed. This project speaks to me in a powerful way.

  • I finally met this little bundle of wonder. Born prematurely with a few complications, at two months old, she is finally 7 lbs. I held her until my arms fell asleep. I love her, her mama, and her Papa Smurf (her grandfather) more than I can say.

  • I spent a working lunch with the coolest 10-soon-to-be-11-year-old going.  Together we planned a Dr. Who-themed birthday party that is sure to rip a hole in the fabric of time it is going to be so awesome.

  • I was gifted with more time to love. A dear friend's life threatening health scare had a happy ending.

  • My second favorite harbinger of spring--the official proclamation of "ice out" on Lake Winnepesaukee was declared.  That's the day that the ice has melted enough for the Mt. Washington to make her complete run around the lake. 

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  • The first blooms in my garden all appeared this week--the forsythia, the hidden hyacinths, the creeping myrtle, the weeping cherry, the daffodils, and this one, early-bird tulip.

  • The veggie beds got tilled, composted, and planted.

  • I rebuilt the fire pit. Sacrificing the first Peep* of the season under a beautiful night sky was the perfect way to end a day of hard work. *Years ago, we upgraded from toasting plain old marshmallows to toasting Peeps on a campfire.  Try it.  They morph into fantastic shapes, and, if done right, they taste like creme brulee.  And if you get it wrong, the colored sugar turns the flames into great colors. Either way,  you can't lose.

What has filled your heart this week?


  1. I thought I was the only one who had discovered the wonder of s'mores with Peeps. Last year we had many left over from Easter because nobody actually really likes them in our house, but they scream Easter baskets to me so I buy them anyway. One night the kids wanted a fire in the fire pit, and how can we not also roast marshmallows??? Problem was, we were out of marshmallows! But then up in the cabinet I saw leftover Peeps. They make awesome s'mores if you do them right because you get that crunchy coating that regular marshmallows can't replicate. We make have to make s'mores with this years leftover Peeps someday soon...

    1. We have also discovered that if you use a peanut butter cup or a chocolate mint candy instead of a plain old bar of chocolate you get something pretty spectacular. This is what happens when a recovering Dead Head marries a chef. Camp fires turn into psychedelic gourmet extravaganzas.

    2. That does sound pretty awesome!