Friday, December 27, 2013

Who Woulda Thunk It?

     A year ago today I screwed up all my courage and drafted my very first blog post.  Since then, I've written 70-something posts that over 3,000 folks have read.  It's not a very big readership. I know.  It's stunning to me that it is mostly folks I don't know, though.  Most of my readers found me through other bloggers or while searching for a blogpost about something I've written about or searching for weird ass shit that somehow led them to me (which is a bit creepy).

     I have not followed any of the rules about being a blogger, apparently.  My format is a mess and I don't also have a Facebook page or Twitter account for the blog and I don't generally publicize my posts.  I think perhaps this year, I will take some time to learn the rules and maybe take this writing thing a bit more seriously.

     You see, for me, this past year was mainly about getting over myself.  In retrospect, the amount of terror I felt is absolutely ludicrous.  Readers, you have been tremendously kind to me.  My friends and family have been really supportive. Other bloggers have been especially wonderful.

Elle over at This Is Mommyhood gave me my first break, by letting me guest blog for her.

Jenny Lawson (you know, Supreme Goddess of the Blogosphere from The Bloggess) let me share her Traveling Red Dress story on my blog.

Similarly, Lisa Rosenberg at Smacksy inspired me to write about the Official Summer of Awesomeness To Do List when she wrote about hers.  She, too, let me share a link to her blog.

Stephanie from Mom in Two Cultures and Louisa from WeezaFish are among my favorite penpals ever.   And I miss my friend Boo over at Boobaloo.  

     Thank you, all of you, for being so good to me.  I'm kinda excited to see what this next year will bring!


  1. Aww, thanks! And I still need to buy my boots, but they're definitely on the To Do List this year!

  2. Yes, yes you do. The footwear on my current To Do list? Beatz Shoes--light up sneakers for adults. Oh, you totally know you want a pair...

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you lovely! How nice to be favourite penpal of yours :) Happy New Year to you and yours, hope 2014 brings you everything you dream for, or at least none of the stuff you have nightmares about. Along with a 'new' understanding of what SEO'ing and all that stuff is all about :)
    P.S. I can help if you like?

    1. Happy New Year, to you and yours, as well! I hope your big move goes smoothly! I look forward to hearing about your adventures this coming year. And, yes, I would definitely appreciate your help. (What the hell is SEOing for starters?) xoxo