Friday, December 6, 2013

Random Acts of Christmas Part I

     So this is what the FabFam has come up with:  Starting December 1st, we're counting down  until Christmas by doing a different charitable act (or acts) a day.  To hear each member of my extended family talk about the kind of efforts they want to support--some by getting out there and volunteering, some by donating funds that would otherwise have gone to gifts for them--fills my heart to overflowing.

     The Evil Genius is most interested in charities that focus on active military and veterans.  Thing 2 has always had a soft spot for special needs children.  Thing 1, as vehemently as she denies it, is my mirror and wants to change the whole world.  She wants to fill pantry shelves, help children, support our troops, do all the good she can.  My Personal Chef  has identified specific individuals that he wants to give a helping hand to this season.
I'm completely gobsmacked by it all.

     For our family, doing the good is all the reward we need.  However, I think that part of the good we can do is to publicize some of the charities we choose to support.  I know we aren't alone in searching for ways to make a difference.  Perhaps we will be able to introduce some of you to some new charities that resonate with you.

     Here is one of the efforts we supported this week:  Luna Luna Magazine .  It's a wonderful online magazine.  A poet friend introduced me to it and I'm grateful she has.  I just learned, moments ago, that they are $200 from their goal!

    Another day this week, we spent the hour after dinner sitting together addressing Christmas cards to active servicemembers. There are a lot of terrific organizations that provide holiday cheer to our troops, but we went through the American Red Cross' Holiday Mail for Heroes program.

     It's been a great way to start off the season.  I'll keep you posted on what else my merry band of elves comes up with for their Random Acts of Christmas.

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