Saturday, December 14, 2013

Random Acts of Christmas Part II

     My children (the ones I gave birth to and the ones we seem to have collected along the way) and my husband continue to bless my socks off.  Their enthusiasm for Giving-Not-Getting has not wavered at all.  They continue to come up with great suggestions for bringing holiday cheer to folks.  They've been talking it up to their friends.  It's been an even better experience than I  imagined it would be.
     Coincidentally, the Evil Genius' middle school is involved in a project called "Revolution Kindness" where the entire student body is attempting to do 5,000 good deeds before New Year's Day.  For each good deed, a student is given a ball to add to the giant ball pit that is being constructed in the main entrance of the school.  As part of the events marking Giving Tuesday last week, they made a You Tube video.  The Evil Genius is the very last student on the film.

     Here are some of the really terrific charities our FabFam has supported this week, you know, in case you were looking for a cause to support.

We joined Rosie's Circle at the YWCA of RI.  In my professional life, I have worked with Deb Perry and her great team for many years.  I know first hand the quality of their programming and the difference they make in the lives of young women.

We also joined  The Tutu Project  after reading this blog post.  This couple are our kind of people--using inappropriate humor to get through some really difficult times.  That they are doing so much good for so many other women (and their families) battling cancer just blew us all away. 

We sent my blogger friend Stephanie over at Mom in Two Cultures, and her brave, brilliant son Sky 
Love Bomb.  
They recently moved to a new city, and Sky, who struggles to maneuver through social interactions because of his autism, articulates how tough it has been adjusting to his new neighborhood and school. Anyone who has been "the new guy" will relate to Sky's story.

     I find that I'm still slogging through a bit of a funk (which is a story for another day), but my spirits have been buoyed by these daily Random Acts of Christmas.  Stay tuned for what great things they come up with next!


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