Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hanging on by a Dish Towel

     It's been a rough few weeks.  There's a rock pile of issues that haven't crushed me yet, but staying on top of them has left me more exhausted than I've been in a very long time.
     I've been navigating my way through a Professional Leadership Opportunity that has been exceedingly challenging.  Turns out I have what it takes to make the Tough Decisions and to manage them effectively.  That I am surrounded by an incredibly strong team of folks who are smarter than I am has helped immeasurably.
     My fierce, beloved mother has a serious surgery coming up that is weighing on me.  I mentioned she was fierce, right?  So, while everyone expects things to go well, it's still cause for a daughter to worry. That she doesn't graciously accept any fussing over her is both part of her charm and part of my angst.
     Thing 2 is not in a good state right now.  After weeks of increasingly manic behavior, the pendulum swung sharply in the other direction yesterday.  In the good news department, he has sought out professional support himself BEFORE he hurt himself or anyone else.  I will forever be grateful for that.  Still, nobody's mother is okay with having her child committed to a mental hospital.  I certainly am not.
     And so, I am clinging to my sanity the only way I know how.  I've thrown myself into the mundane flow of housework.  I've taken care of the dogs.  I've done dishes.  I made hash and eggs for breakfast.  I'm scaling the mountain of laundry.
     There is a rhythm to the domestic routine that helps slow my heart rate and reminds me to exhale, then inhale, then exhale again.  In a season where I have absolutely no control of so much of what is going on around me, being able to take charge of my physical environment keeps me grounded. So I will scrub toilets and match socks.  I'll change the sheets on the beds and vacuum.  I'll sweep away the tumbleweeds of dog hair.  Later, I'll go visit my son and his clinical team.  And I'll check in with my mama.  And I'll return a few more emails about the Tough Decisions.  There will be more laundry to fold.  Dinner to prepare.  Dogs to walk.
     This too shall pass.  I have a great support system.  My Personal Chef (especially) and my family--the one I was born into and the one I chose--has been truly wonderful. And of course, there is plenty of laundry.

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