Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There is Nothing Truer Than This: You Cannot Be Replaced

     Today, my thoughts are with those who suffer or love someone who suffers from serious depression.  I'm slogging through a challenging time in my life, but I know that it will get better.  I absolutely do. Too many people do not believe this about their own struggles, though.  When the dark descends upon them, they cannot believe that there will ever be any light again.  This is because depression lies.  It lies loud and it is overpowering.  It paralyzes a person in fear and hopelessness.  It makes someone believe that the world would be better without her or without him.  That is the worst of all the lies that are ever told.

     This week is National Suicide Prevention Week and across the country, some truly wonderful organizations are working hard to remind everyone that they are out there all the time, willing and able to help shine a light on someone's darkest days--true life savers like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or The Samaritans.

   Last year, my daughter (the smart, brave, strong, and beautiful Thing 1) encouraged me to join her in the To Write Love On Her Arms campaign to promote awareness of life-threatening depression.  This year, the organization is conducting an amazingly powerful campaign  "You Cannot Be Replaced."  Because, where depression lies, the truth is that there is nobody else like you in the world.  You are irreplaceable. You offer the world something unique that nobody else can. As the scripture states, "You are fearfully and wonderfully made."

I cannot be replaced, because:

  •  I am the only one who can who can get Seamus off of the furniture. 
  •  I am the only one can answer the 80's pop culture questions when the Awesome Aunts & Cool Cousins go  to play bar trivia. 
  •  I am the only one who remembers that the Christmas Album doesn't make itself. 
  •  I am the only one who can take in the foster adults and make them part of the family.  
  •  I am the only one in my family who has been to Africa.  Twice.
  •  I am the only one who turn anything into an occasion for a theme party.
  •  I am the only one who can be my mother's daughter. 
  •  I am am the only one who can be Thing 1's, Thing 2's, and the Evil Genius' mother.  

     Consider what it is that makes you irreplaceable.  Then consider sharing your story.  Who knows who it will reach or the impact it will have.  


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