Friday, September 20, 2013

Lots to Think About. Not a Lot to Say.

     I'm still in a contemplative mood.  I've got a lot on my mind--processing grief, coping with family struggles, empathy for friends-who-are-family who are coping with their own struggles, work responsibilities, and, and, and...    That's really nothing new, I suppose.  My head is always full to overflowing.  What is new is that I've been rather mum about it all.

     I'm not exactly known for ever being at a loss for words. Yet, here I am.  Apparently, it is noticeable. A dear friend noticed and teased me about it. The Evil Genius noticed and tried to fix it by giving me a very Evil Genius-like list of potential blogpost topics.  (How much do I love this kid?!)  Another of my dearest friends noticed, and has been VERY worried that something must be terribly wrong.

     I'm okay.  Truly I am.  I'm actually in a better place than I have been in for a while.  I'm still just fumbling to find the words to articulate it.  Okay?

To reassure you, here are a few of the small joys I have caught in the past day or so:

  • The cocker spaniel challenged me to a game of tag yesterday morning.  He's adorably frustrating and his evasive maneuvers make me grin like a fool every time.
  • I had a terrific lunch break with one of my sisterfriends this week.  It brightened my spirits and broke up my work day delightfully.
  • I caught up on my filing, so my Cubicle-of-Doom no longer poses an avalanche threat.
  • I finally fit into the shirt that my seamstress friend in Rwanda made for me.
  • The weather was clear enough to be wowed by last night's Harvest Moon.
  • There will be a brand new "Other Favorite Great Niece" in the family imminently.  The niece and nephew in Florida are delivering their first baby today!

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