Monday, September 2, 2013

The Fall of Fabulosity

     The Evil Genius and I spent this final weekend of summer vacation up at the lake with my parents.  We had a wonderful, wonderful time in the woods and on the water.  There was hiking and biking.  There was cruising in the Black Pearl for my boy, kayaking for me.  Grampie took the Evil Genius and I out to Steamboat Island to see the remains of a 100-year-old ship wreck.  There was skee ball at the arcade. I visited a dear friend who took me to her "grocery store"--a local farm--and then fed me ice cream for lunch.  (THAT is a good friend!)  The Evil Genius twisted Grampie's arm and went water skiing.
     This morning, we drove for two hours to spend the afternoon with my brother-in-law's clan.  So. Much. Joy.  Nieces, nephews, great-nephews and a great niece.  Too much food.  Fresh lobster. (Did I mention that one of my nephews works a lobster boat off the coast of Maine?) Tickle fights and ping pong and family pictures and sword play (because a pair of great-nephews were pirates for a bit).
     And so the summer comes to an end.  Upon review, my FabFam has managed to cross off a bit over 50% of the items off of the Official Summer of Awesomeness To Do List.  Everyone agrees that the summer was  indeed awesome AND that the OSoATDL was a great idea.  The Evil Genius decided we should just keep going.  "You know, An Awesome Autumn To Do List or something like that."  And so, the Official Fall of Fabulosity To Do List is now accepting submissions.  On the list so far:

*Get passports (for Thing 1, Thing 2 and the Evil Genius--because they'll need them to go to Niagara Falls and to Rwanda).

* Run a 5K (We're planning on doing a Color Run in Providence this October with some of our Cool Cousins.)

*Get our History Geek On--walking the Freedom Trail in Boston and taking the Quincy Adams Presidential Tour.  (The Evil Genius has never done it.  Walking up the stairs of John Adams' house gave me goosebumps the first time I went.  I cannot wait to go with him.)

*Make apple butter.  (The apples on our tree are too ugly to do much of anything else with them!)

*Go away on a Girls' Weekend.  (My sisterfriends suggested this by text while I was stuck in holiday traffic.  I'm all in favor of it.)

*Go to the Big E AND to the Freyburg Fair.  I'm an all-day sucker for a good county fair and these are two of the best going.

How was your summer, friends?  And what are you looking forward to doing this Fall?

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