Saturday, September 28, 2013

Girl Talk: An Introduction

I have started and stopped repeatedly this week to write a post that is only partially formed in my mind.  What started as a goofy bit about being a woman who loves watching sports has somehow become this whole different thing.  See, I have found myself involved in a series of conversations about feminism with different groups of folks with varying perspectives and insights.

There's been the guys I'm in the fantasy baseball and football leagues with.  There's been the twenty-somethings my son hangs out with in my living room, who are complete bananaheads that are trying to figure out how to interact with young women.  There's my smart, strong daughter and her fierce grandmother.   My Other Favorite Nieces and my Cool Cousins have been in the mix, too.  Then there are my brilliant sisterfriends.  Each of them have (mostly unknowingly) forwarded the discussion.  And my mind is a swirl.

I don't know why this has taken up so much of my mental space at this point in time.  I'm grateful for it, though.  I love being intellectually and emotionally challenged.  And I'm confident that this is all leading me somewhere that I'm supposed  to be heading towards.

So far, it seems like I'm going to be putting together a series of posts about my ideas about womanhood.

The only expertise I can claim here is that I was born with the requisite reproductive organs to be deemed female.  Otherwise, I'm just making shit up.  This will be no scholarly work, in case that's what you were expecting.  Mostly, it will be me thinking out loud in print.

You've been forewarned.

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