Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Inverted Midas Touch

It's been one of those days.  Everything I've touched has turned to shit.  I cannot even begin to list the stuff that went wrong today.  Well, of course I could, but  I cannot even stand to think about it anymore.

None of it is life threatening.  Really, an honest-to-God Yale trained  psychiatrist has assured me of this.  So, I'll cry a little.  Lick my wounds.  And start over again tomorrow.

A couple of bright spots in an otherwise dismal day:

  • I work for some of the best people in the world.  The worse my work performance got today, the more encouraging and supportive the administration at my office became.  I love my job. 
  • Thanks to the US Postal Service, I am the recipient of a good, old-fashioned  hand-written thank you note from a beloved cousin AND a book about maps that I've been excitedly anticipating. I have always loved getting--and sending--mail.  I'm such a geek, I know.
  • I have some really, really wonderful friends. Actually, they're more like family.   The family I chose.  They love me even when I'm not particularly loveable.  And they always have my back.  I never have to question that.  
  • My family is pretty terrific, too.  I really got lucky there.  Thing 1 has checked in on me a few times today (initially to get an "oh poor baby" about one of her problems).  Thing 2 cleaned up the house for me--an unexpected, but VERY welcome surprise.  The Evil Genius got recognized at school today for staying after school to help a teacher clean up a room.
So, it's takeout for dinner.  Some friends over to watch the Bruins in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  And tomorrow is a new day.  Despite it all, I know I'm blessed.

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