Thursday, June 27, 2013

Secret Craft Project Revealed

    So last night I presided over my final function as a Rotary Club president.  There was plenty of pomp & circumstance. It was at one of the nicest country clubs in the area.  There were corsages and a piano player and a professional photographer.  There were speeches to listen to and speeches to make.
     As part of the annual tradition, I was expected to give out some awards.  I chose to recognize my Executive Committee and my faithful Sergeant-at-Arms.  I also chose to forgo the plaque or engraved paperweight route.  All year, the club has been poking fun at me for being a recovering Dead Head.  My Secretary is also a Dead Head.  So, I designed tee shirts--a Steal Your Face with the Rotary Wheel in the skull and a quote from the lyrics of "The Wheel"--and tie dyed them.


     It was received with as much good humor as I anticipated.  Just the right amount of levity and, um, "me being me" to counter-balance all the formality of this annual banquet.  

     Just the right way to end my presidential year.

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