Saturday, June 7, 2014

Things That Have Kept Me From Writing a More Serious Post

  • Learning how to tie bow ties.
  • The Evil Genius' induction into the National Junior Honor Society

  • Discovering great Portuguese food at lunch with Thing 1 and my cousin
  • Trying out the boyos' new bicycles 

  • Celebrating Smarty Pants Sons at dinner with old friends  
  • Making new ones while we were at it
  • Unexpected company making a surprise morning visit
  • Kayaking on the Blackstone River

  • Sitting in the hot tub
  • Grilling for dinner
  • Fielding questions about smoking meat from across the country
It's a good list.  It's been a good few days.  Tomorrow there's brunch with my sisterfriends, and coffee & jazz with my teacherfriend, and other such niftiness on the docket.  I wouldn't trade a minute of it for a Pulitzer-worthy article. 

How have you joyed today?

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