Sunday, June 22, 2014

Things That Fill My Heart

For the third weekend in a row, things didn't go according to plan, but still ended up wonderful.

  • I didn't get to have lunch in Newport on the Most Perfect Day to Be on an Island Ever Created, but I still got to spend my work day on an island with a harbor full of sailboats.  Beats spending a day in the warehouse, hands down.

  • My Personal Chef and I  found that we are the last people in town to have discovered the charm that is Alicante, the local Mediterranean restaurant. Recognizing at least six couples, making friends at the bar, and getting the ahi tuna I missed out on at Friday's lunch was delightful.

Photo: Alicante Restaurant

  • Through hard work, I remembered that when the weeds are relocated from the perennial beds, our front yard is beautiful.

  • There's just something about a new salad spinner that makes the boys in my life (including the 52-year-old) giddy.
  • There's just something about fresh greens from the garden to put in the new salad spinner that makes me giddy.

  • I just love hanging clothes on the line to dry. 

  • There is nothing like spending a few quiet hours in my kayak on the river. 
  • There is nothing like spending a few loud hours with my first born at a concert.
  • I love being married to a guy that is so terrific that my first born had to find herself a guy just like him.  And has. And twinkles when she talks about him.

  • After days of hot weather, it was cool enough to bake banana bread today.  I bet anything that my house smells better than yours does right now.
  • While the banana bread was baking, I got to lounge around in the screen porch and finish reading a book that the Evil Genius recommended to me. I love to read.  I love having children who want me to read what they're reading.  I love that they have such good taste in books.  (This time, it was "Bloody Times" a nonfiction book recounting the final days of the presidencies--and lives--of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Fascinating stuff.)

I hope you found plenty to fill your heart this weekend!


  1. I took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill this weekend. Yea, more stuff out of my house!

    Celebrated my wedding anniversary this weekend by having pizza at our local pizza place with the kids. Thanks, Facebook, for reminding us.

    I spent most of Sunday at the zoo, watching my daughter with her best friend more than I watched the animals.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie. It all sounds wonderful. Happy Anniversary, too! (How many years? My Personal Chef and I will be celebrating 24 years of what he calls Battle Tested marriage next month)