Sunday, May 10, 2015

Catching the Small Joys--Looking Beyond Disappointment Edition

This was supposed to be the week that I gleefully shared amazing news about a string of good fortune that has come my FabFam's way. This was supposed to be the week that changed everything.  This was supposed to be the week where I wrote a made-for-tv-movie happy ending of a post.

It wasn't. This week has been, um, disappointing, to say the least. So, I have had to really work at catching the joys. Thankfully, they were there to be caught.

Here is what blessed me during this tough stretch of days:

  • The outpouring of support, the demonstration of true affection for me and my family fills my heart. It has made this week bearable.
  • The Evil Genius has had a TERRIFIC week--two concerts, scheduling the appointment to get his braces off  TOMORROW, spending time with friends, and best of all (to him) the first marching band practice of the season.  Despite it all, I am truly tickled for him.

  • A dear cousin shared the great news that she's expecting her second baby. As Don Herold said, "Babies are such a nice way to start people."
  • A first grader blew me away with her advanced reading ability.  She brought a book back from her family trip to Florida about Hope and Winter, the famous dolphins at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It was definitely a book meant to be read to younger children, not by them. She read it flawlessly.
  • Her classmates blew me away when they cheered for her after she read it to them.

photo courtesy: Clearwater Marine Aquarium
  • All the seeds we planted--flowers and veggies--are sprouting.

  • The apple tree we thought we lost is in bloom.

  • The weather has been spectacular. There really is no place in the world as beautiful as New England on a warm spring day.
  • My husband and children, despite experiencing this week and its disappointments as acutely as I have, have been scurrying like mischievous elves to make sure that I have a Mothers' Day that is full of love and surprises and joy. The first Mothers' Day joy?  Waking up to the intoxicating scent of turkey stock.  It appears I'm getting a Thanksgiving Feast for my Mothers' Day dinner.  THAT makes me very happy, indeed.
photo courtesy: Jason Marzini

What is filling your heart this week?


  1. We're finally, FINALLY going to put the railing up on our deck! Granted, the dog seems less prone to running away now (he suffers from Big Dumb Dog Disease), but it will be nice when the kids can actually let him out into the backyard. And though it looked like rain on Mother's Day and we had to postpone painting the wood for the railing, we did work on the fencing to expand the yard for the dogs. My husband knows I'm really not that complicated. The best thing he could for Mother's Day was accomplish some of the stuff he's been promising me!

    1. Sounds fantastic! For starters, we have a Big Dumb Dog and a Small Impulsive Dog, so keeping them yard-bound is a constant struggle. Beyond that, my Personal Chef led the charge getting Thing 1, Thing 2, and the Evil Genius to get a bunch of the BIG WORK done in the yard, because he knows what delights me.