Sunday, March 29, 2015

Catching the Small Joys--a weekly round up

Even the worst days have moments of joy.  They do. I promise you they do.  Here are some of the joys that blessed my socks off this week:

  • Watching my stepfather and NotAunt Donna dancing together at my mama's annual March Madness Birthday Extravaganza. Really.
  • Being invited to the March Madness Birthday Extravaganza. (I'm so totally at the Adult Table now!)

  • Sitting in on a music clinic with the Evil Genius and his 8th grade peers after they put forth a terrific performance. Bonus joy for catching the shout out the New England Conservatory professor made to the tubas. 
photo courtesy of Christine Bolduc

  • Spending an uninterrupted hour at the library.
  • Spending an uninterrupted afternoon READING books I brought home from the library.
photo courtesy of Johnson-Roberts Architects

  • Taking the dogs for the first long walk they've been on since January. There is joy in both the fact that enough snow has melted off to make the walk possible, and the unbridled glee the dogs displayed at heading out of the neighborhood. The cocker spaniel running a serpentine to sniff all the good smells everywhere, ears flapping and nub of a tail wagging, the chocolate lab barking his regards to every dog in the town... fantastic stuff.

  • Visits with three different women I love and never seem to get to see enough of them.
  • Warm Clean Sheet Night.  (The only thing better is Clothesline Clean Sheet Night.)
  • Writing an essay with My Personal Chef in the hopes of winning ourselves an inn in Maine. It was worth the entry fee just to spend the time together making castle-in-the-cloud plans together.
photo courtesy of Center Lovell Inn

What filled your heart this week?

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