Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Forgot I Had a Blog for a While There

     My Mama asked me if I were still blogging. I told her I was.  She sounded surprised.

    I guess I don't blame her.  I haven't been here much lately, eh?  No good reason for it.  I just didn't seem to have anything to write about.

     I have wrestled a bit with the usual season change-related health issues.(Meh.  It is what it is. I'm better off than so many other chronically ill folks.)  I've been busy--happily busy--with work.  The dogs and the FabFam have kept me on my toes.  I've knocked off a few more items off of the Official Fall of Fabulosity To Do List:

  • I planted garlic and my Personal Chef moved a truckload of loam to the new veggie bed.

  • I got apple butter, and applesauce, and apple pie, and apple muffins made.  (A chef friend gave us a boatload of apples from his yard a few weeks back!)

  • Trekked to Trinity Rep. in Providence to see their final dress rehearsal of A Christmas Carol

  • Got my geek on with my parents, my Personal Chef & the Evil Genius at a special viewing of  The Ghost Army documentary about the 603rd and their fake army unit--lifelike inflatable tanks and planes, hours of state-of-the-art sound recordings of active military bases, and flawless faux radio communications.

  • The movie was so awesome that the Evil Genius and I followed up with a trip to the Museum of Work & Culture to see the Ghost Army Exhibit.  

  • My Personal Chef & I caught a great Jonny Lang show.
  • My sisterfriend & I went on a winery tour.

  • The FabFam has celebrated the first of at least three Thanksgivings.  (Have I mentioned that I married a chef?!)

    So, I'm sorry I've been misisng from this space, but my days have been full.  I've caught a lot of joyful moments.  Indeed.

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