Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My First Blog Post at The Prodigal Son’s Mother.  January 1, 2013

Hey now!  Welcome to the first day of my scariest New Year’s Revolution*  ever. 

For as long as I can remember, I have been a writer.  I have decades’ worth of journals, reams of short stories, a file folder of partially outlined novels, and a notebook or two of really awful poetry.  I even took a few semesters of writing classes.   Only thing is nobody besides those few exceptionally tolerant writing professors (and that one soul-sucking, nasty one) has ever actually seen anything I’ve ever written.

I have filled my life with really great story-tellers and artists. There more than a few professional writers—authors, poets, communications experts and the like--who consider me their friend.  They are brilliant and talented and awe-inspiring.  They are also annoyingly consistent about pushing me to write for actual readers.  In the past two years, my response to this encouragement has been to basically stop writing altogether.  

These past two years have also been filled with some major life events that have tipped my world upside-down.  I battled—still battle—a chronic illness.  I lost too many people I love—some to illness, some to old age, one to a senseless murder.  For a while there, my social life revolved around hospital visits and funerals.   There's more, but it wasn’t all struggle and sadness.  I also celebrated, BIG:  Birthdays, weddings, holidays, new babies, old friendships, graduations, Ground Hog’s Day, Tuesday.  I even had a wildest dream come true when I got to spend three weeks in Africa last winter.

As 2012 has been winding down, I have decided that I am finally ready to write again.  I’m going to write about those events.   I am going to post those stories here for other folks to read them. Whether I am ready or not.  I’m still not clear why that terrifies me so.  Yet, it does.  Right now, though, I don’t care.  I’m doing it anyway.

Hopefully, you will be amused or inspired or provoked by something I write.  Hopefully, you will keep reading.  Hopefully, you will respond to things I’ve written and we will connect---the writer and the reader.

What revolutions have you made this year?  
Revolutions made or not, peace & joy for a Happy New Year!


*New Year's Revolutions are what my Evil Genius Son assumed they were when he was a preschooler.  Resolve was not nearly as interesting to him as revolution.  Still isn't.  One day this kid is going to rule the world. Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Hello and welcome to blogging Kristen! I'm still a newbie myself, just over a year and a half now and like you and many others - just love to write! Looking forward to getting to know you, and let me know if you're coming over to Africa again, gee - can't believe I missed that :)

  2. I spent three weeks in Rwanda last February with a student group. I will be returning in April! (It's a big far from SA, but if you were up for an adventure...)

  3. We LOVE to travel around, who knows!

  4. Indeed. The world is a fascinating place. Who knows what April will bring...